2022/23, the 35th season 
Intense fall
Szeged Contemporary Dance Company opens the new season with their habitual guest performances at the end of summer-beginning of fall.

On the 8th of August the company participated in the palatial rock opera, Gospel of Mary directed by Tamás Juronics at the 2nd Debrecen Festival.

They met undivided succes with Carmina burana first at Százhalombatta, than on the City Park Stage, in Gödöllő, Temesvár and finally at the National Dance Theatre Budapest.

Greeting Ballet Sopron at the gala of their 10th anniversary they performed instalments of Elegy directed by Enrico Morelli.
For the National Dance Festival at Pécs they brought Wilds choreographed to Dániel Lázár’s piece of music and performed it on the same night with Ballet Company of Győr’s Waves.

In the beginning of October the season in Szeged strarted too with Enrico Morelli’s Elegy and Blue choregraphed together by Gergely Czár, Sándor Kurucz and Tamás Juronics.

The company performs their coproduction with Müpa Budapest and the Szeged Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sándor Gyüdi, three one-act plays directed by Tamás Juronics: Béla Bartók – Concerto, Dániel Lázár – Wilds, Viktor Molnár – The saint at Müpa Budapest’s Festival Theatre.

During November they are playing Cinderella directed by Gergely Czár and Tamás Juronics, a popular piece among children and families, renewed with a brand new cast this year.

Getting close to Christmas Szeged Contemporary Dance Company revives and than plays The nutcracker at several different venues celebrating the piece’s 10th anniversary on the repertoire. 

Seven new dancers 

The company’s magnificent dancers Gergely Czár, Petra Bocsi, Francesco Totaro, Róbert Kiss, Janka Nier, Adam Bobak, Diletta Ranuzzi and Lotár Vince were joined by their new colleagues: Letizia Melchiorre, Miriam Munno, Diletta Savini, Désirée Bazzani, Dusana Heráková, Dorka Szorre and Dániel Schrott who have learned some of the repertoire already and are facing further serious roles and professional challanges in the beginning of the new season. Artistic director Tamás Juronics said that the new team has strong technical preparedness, good energies, is soulful and unified, who faces an exciting and productive period.


While the audience will see new plays in the second part of the season, preparations have begun.

Focusing on desire a new evening called Fire that works up Spanish topics will be put on stage at the end of February in the Small Theatre of National Theatre Szeged and the audience will see three popular Spanish-themed pieces: Carmen, Bolero and The House of Bernarda alba. Carmen has been renewed for the third time and brought back to the 35 years old dance company’s repertoire. The fierce gipsy girl’s story will be choreographed by Gergely Czár and Tamás Juronics this time. Bolero will be reshaped by Enrico Morelli, Szeged Contemporary Dance Company’s regular guest choreographer. The House of Bernarda Alba ispired by Lorca’s play was choreographed to Manuel de Falla’s Love The Magician and will primarily give opportunity to the company’s female dancers.
Next spring the company presents Lear, Shakespeare’s most famous play’s dance adaptation at the National Theatre Szeged. Choreographer Tamás Juronics said that eventhough the title says „king”, Lear can not be categorised as a classical king drama but more like a self-disposal family drama. It speaks to us, parents and children to take a look in the mirror: fathers love their children the wrong way then they get disappointed, they rage and curse while they are responsible. Instead of real love they surround them with dotage and pampering. Lear’s fatal mistake was not how he divided his kingdom in a good time or missing the moment, but that he hoped people would love him without his fortune and influence. Several exciting and significant roles await the dancers. The play’s music is written by Dániel Dobri.

The artistic director informed the public that due to postponed tender evaluations the Soul of Fire project will only be completed in the second part of 2023 as not only dance but musical pieces are created in connection with it. For the Petőfi Memorial Year, ispired by the poet, six young musicians compose musical pieces to freely chosen poems, to which choreographers create dance pieces.


Director András Pataki stated that the changing circumstances call for flexibility on the company management’s side, however, as before they are trying to maximize the plans and are focusing solely on high-quality work.

After four years the Düsseldorf Dance Fair was held again where Adrás Pataki represented the company in order to maintain and further develop its national realtions.

They tightened the bond with Ballets.be, a cultural agency that has already invited the company a few times to Belgium. From now on they represent and prepare the company’s performances in several Western European countries in 2023/24.

On the 18th of October Szeged Contemporary Dance Company travelled to the three Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to perform Carmina burana and Wilds in Riga, Venspils, Vilinius and Kaunas.

Between the 2nd and 8th of November the destination is New York, Manhattan where in cooperation with the local Liszt Institute and supported by KIM and MMA they are performing Carmina burana three times at the Alvin Ailey Theatre.
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