„Fairy season”

As we closed the previous season of 2018/2019 celebrating the 300th performance of „Carmina burana” we are opening this new season with the same play on the 12th of September.

2019/2020 is the season of tales, plays and tours for our company. We are putting a premiere on stage in the Szeged National Theatre and one in the Small Theatre of the Szeged National Theatre as usually, while playing on several of our pieces. The specialty this time is the two tales joining our repertionre, one adressed to children and the other for adults, both coreographed by Tamás Juronics.

Just in Szeged „Cinderella” will be played 32 times! Prokofjev’s well-known music guides the kids to ballet’s world through showing them the happy ending story of the orphan maid in a classical, grandiose adaptation. Tamás Juronics revived the tale by the help of VargaBallet Dance Factory’s students who gladly undertook to dance the roles of mice, fairies and ladies.

Apart from the members of Szeged Contemporary Dance Company each night 30 children will enrich the story of Cinderella thanks to ballet master József Varga and Gergely Czár co-coreographer. The lead, Claudia Elvetico, the company’s italian dancer who already stole the audience’s heart dancing the lead of Carmina burana last season. To put the wicked stepmother into shape Flóra Zsadon our popular dancer returns after two years of her maternity leave. The premiere will take place on the 15th of November, 2019 in the Szeged National Theatre and on the 11th of December in Müpa Festival Theatre.

The second tale „Coppélia” is specifically adressed to adults. Our artistic director Tamás Juronics has been bound up in the story’s mystery with it’s horroristic elements for a long time. An old clock-maker is hiding a doll in his cryptic, zigzag house vesting it with human features. When curious young adults sneak into his home and unveil the doll’s character he vents all his anger and decides to take revenge. The coreographer invites the audience to this stange milieu full of surprises at the end of February in the Small Theatre of Szeged National Theatre and in the National Dance Theatre Budapest.

This season we are organising open rehearsals, events for children and adults, interactive theatre programmes and meet and greets connected with the tales. At these events the audience has the chance to meet our dancers personally and experience contemporary dance firsthand.

Not only tales but tours will also make this upcoming season special to us. As the company’s director András Pataki has announced before at the end of September our dancers are travelling to Plovdiv, Europe’s Cultural Capital after their great success in 2016 to perform „Carmina burana”, our most popular play. Two days after the bulgarian tour we are leaving for the longest tour ever since our foundation: performing in Mexico’s 13 different cities in 26 days. Another tour is under discussion for the beginning of March, 2020. In the Baltic Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus are expecting us. Thereafter Brussels is the next destination where our performances „Carmina burana” and „Sztravinszkij-nigh” will be played for three nights on Cirque Royal’s stage. At the end of March we are heading to Russia according to our recent planes.

New dancers have joined our company. Italian Graziano Bongiovanni will be dancing the role of Don Juan, namely Don Giovanni for the first time in Mexico and the hungarian audience can see him in Carmina burana and Credo this autumn.

Fruzsina Kaiser came from Pécs and debuted successfully in the Orff-Juronics piece mentioned above,

on Müpa’s stage accompanied by our new male dancer, slovak Adam Bobak.