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Szeged Contemporary Dance Company

The classical music repertoire of the company consists of theatrical dances based on the works of composers such as Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Bartók, Orff, Eötvös, and the company’s varied repertoire also contains choreographies composed to musical montages. Beside the leading choreographer Tamás Jurionics, several renowned European choreographers created modern art dances for the company.

Founded in 1987 the Szeged Ballet changed its name to Szeged Contemporary Dance Company in 1993  with appointing Tamás Juronics as artistic director and András Pataki as executive director.

Since 2000 the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company is working as an autonomous company in a form of prominently public benefit foundation. Besides their national successes they have won the recognition of the audience and professionals while performing abroad on diverse occasions.

Tamás Juronics had an outstanding role in forming their especially unique artistic identity.

He considers the continuous training of the dancers and the enrichment of the repertoire to be his most important task. The ability of reception and individualization of the contemporary and modern technics, the high quality of the artistic expression based on the technical safety makes the repertoire to be incredibly various, yet unique. Among the peculiarities of the artistic characters we should emphasize the diverse effect-elements of performing styles that compose originality. Respecting the ‘laws of stage’ is a defining attribute in their shows, so is the using of theatrical means – in the literal sense of the word – that are enhancing the effect and intensity of vision.

The company performs 80-90 times a year in Hungary and has produced 112 shows since the beginnings – 65 of these were coreographed by the artistic director Tamás Juronics, moreover 15 Hungarian and 19 international choreographers  were invited to make choreography.  Since its foundation the company has had over 200 Hungarian and international dancers in its ensemble.

The Szeged Contemporary Dance Company is a constant guest of local and oversea dance stages. The company itself and its dancers has also been rewarded by international and national, vocational and as well audience prices. During their tours the ensemble played in 27 different countries 178 times in the last 28 years.

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