Carmina burana

We get an insight into the ritual filled life of a humanoid barbarian settlement trying to eek out a living on the ruins of a civilisation and fighting for survival, fighting with their fears, trying to live through all things fate brings on to them. Fate which sometimes brings good things, love, joy, and sometimes brings sadness or death. A girl whose life was meant to be short, can feel truly happy for a moment, when love makes her forget all bad things, and makes her believe in a life that can be different, can be better. But Fortune is fickle and cruel. She doesn’t care about the beauty of the moment. Living through disappointments, joys and fears we can learn much more about ourselves, our own fates and chances – about our own humanity.

Tamás Juronics

Premier date:
19 April 2001

Brigitta Hortobágyi – The girl
Gergely Czár/Gergő M. Horváth – The boy
Tamás Juronics – The death
Flóra Zsadon
Anna Bujdosó
Tamás Hegedűs
Vencel Csetényi
Róbert Kiss
Kata Stáry
Szandra Szigyártó
Zsófia Takács
Petra Bocsi
Lotár Vincze

music: Carl Orff
choreographer: Tamás Juronics
director: András Pataki
set-costumes: Zsuzsa Molnár
lightning: Ferenc Stadler