The title of the company’s two one-act preformance’s premiere holds a double meaning. In the first part of the night the audience will see a coreography by Tamás Juronics set to Béla Bartók’s Concerto played by the Szeged Symphony Orchestra so it is going to be a live concert at the same time. After the several memorable stage implementations of Bartók’s creations Concerto will be the next destination of Tamás Juronics’s „Bartók-series”.

In the second part of the night Enrico Morelli italian coreographer well known by the audience in Szeged creates for the companyonce again. After the festival winning pieces he is choosing a hungarian contemporary composer’s work as the musical accompaniment for his play. The orchestra will be led by Sándor Gyüdi.

Premier date:

2021.05.26. Bartók Spring, Müpa online