Szeged Contemporary Dance Company presents:

ballet tale

The story of Cinderella is one of the world’s most popular tales adapted to stage and screen. The music for the ballet version was composed by Szergej Prokofjev. After the death of her mother Cinderella got her nickname from her step-sisters and step-mother who forced her to be their maid and made her even clean the fireplace. When the heir to the throne organised a ball to pick his wife from the prettiest ladies of the kingdom the step-sisters tried to balk Cinderella’s plan to join – unsucessfully, as with the help of a fairy godmother she did make it to the evening in secret. Wearing her enchanting dress and golden shoes she shined like the brightest star. The prince fell in love with her for the first sight and as he was trying to figure out who the girl was with no effect she disappeared at midnight. However she lost one of her shoes while running out of the palace. The prince made each and every girl try on that one shoe in his kingdom but at the end it only suited the gorgeous Cinderella’s foot. He married her straightaway and they lived happily ever after.

Premier date:
15 November 2019

Cinderella: Désirée Bazzani
Prince: Lotár Vincze
Stepmother: Petra Bocsi
Step sisters: Letizia Melchiorre, Diletta Savini
Mendicant: Róbert Kiss
Mouse: Janka Nier
Mother’s ghost: Diletta Ranuzzi
Father: Gergely Czár
Fairyhood: Dusana Herakova, Miriam Munno, Dorka Szorre
Flunky: Francesco Totaro, Adam Bobak
Mice, fairyhood, girls from the ball: students of the VargaBallet Dance Studio

Music: Szergej Prokofjev
Costume: J. D. S.
Set: Kázmér Tóth
Animation: Play Dead Studio
Lights: Ferenc Stadler
The children’s ballet master: József Varga
Co-coreographer: Gergely Czár
Coreographer-director: Tamás Juronics