Heritage (Danza)

L’Heritage (Heritage)

„The dance play was inspired by Bernard Marie Koltès’s drama and is about a single evening of a family. Unlike the author’s later fabular pieces, Heritage searches for the mysteries of the innermost sounds of the heart and of the subconscious, in which one faces their unsated desires and escapes their self control. After the head of the family is taken by the epidemic, the widow mother puts the responsibility of the the survival of the family on her son. Although the boy is planning an entirely different life with his lover he does not have the strength to resist her mother’s will. While the characters slowly develop the streets are not only filled with a deadly disease but a revolution is on the way too. The dance play is a diving into the dark, hidden parts of the soul where dreams become nightmares.”

choreographer: Walter Matteini


Pahiquial: Róbert Kiss / Gergely Czár
Anne Agathe: Zsófia Liszkai, Janka Nier, Petra Bocsi
Ariée: Gergely Czár / Francesco Totaro
Costantin: Graziano Bongiovanni / Adam Bobák
Thérčse: Réka Kiss, Marie Vilette / Diletta Ranuzzi / Hanna Hudacsek
Household: Francesco Totaro, Adam Bobák, Lotár Vincze, Petra Bocsi, Marie Vilette, Diletta Ranuzzi, Hanna Hudacsek, Janka Nier

Zene: montage
Lights: Ferenc Stadler
Costume-, and stage designer: Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Scenery execution: Scabello
Choreographer: Walter Matteini

Director: András Pataki
Art director: Tamás Juronics


Szeged County Town Council, National Theatre Szeged, Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund, MMA, National Dance Theatre Budapest, Italian Cultural Institute, Foundation for Contemporary Dance
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