Moderato cantabile

“You’re my broader thou
laid on the bottom of mine.
You. There is no
other form of the world
that rests against my heart
with that touch, that mark.
You . You are the dearest form of the world for me…
you’re my being at home
you’re home…
And without you I am far away,
I can’t say from what, but
far away…
the world is a little dirty away from you,
My real you”.

(Mariangela Gualtieri)


Moderato cantabile is a story about passion, about a lack; it is the feeling of emotional life, it is an attempt to narrate love without filling it, but simply by outlining the map which lies beneath it.

On the stage, a room placed outside time and space which lives according to established and fixed patterns.
The characters move into this “place of elsewhere”, leaving indelible imprints, tracing paths which become furrows waiting for a place of freedom, though illusory and temporary.

Premier date:
20 November 2015


Flóra Zsadon, Gergely Czár, Vencel Csetényi, Kitti Hajszán, Brigitta Hortobágyi, Róbert Kiss, Zsófia Takács, Kata Stáry, Gergő Horváth M., Tamás Hegedűs, Anna Bujdosó, Szandra Szigyártó, Petra Bocsi, Lotár Vincze

Music: Christoph Willibald Gluck, Ezio Bosso, Ben Frost
Lighting: Ferenc Stadler
Scenery construction: Scabello
Set, costume design: Bianca Imelda Jeremias

Choreographer: Enrico Morelli