The Rite of Spring

People with the remains of their past share the same closed community with no aim at all. They have no idea of where their lives are moving but their constant search  for refuge is growing increasingly intolerable: they are obliged to make a common decision as to the way of bursting the bubble of the present to strive for new existence. The painful recognition dawns: the emergence of the new life requires common sacrifice.

The „Rite of Spring” of Stravinsky is redrawn from the angle of the twentieth century: the modern interpretation of salvation, sacrifice and the process of turning into the subject of an offering. A self-consuming society is slowly abandoning its past without a definite picture of its future. The only way left to verify the reason for its survival is to demonstrate its aim, which is its existence and eventual fall as it falls victim by offering itself as a sacrifice.

Premier date:
7 March 2014


Szandra Szigyártó, Róbert Kiss, Zsófia Takács, Claudia Elvetico, Tamás Hegedűs, Gergely Czár, Petra Bocsi, Lotár Vincze, Zsolt Aradi, Janka Nier, Enikő Kovács, Gabriella Bacsó, Dalma Wéninger

Music: Igor Sztravinszkij
Lighting: Ferenc Stadler
Costumes: Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Consultant: Almási-Tóth András
Ballet Director: András Pataki
Artistic leader: Tamás Juronics

Choreographer: Tamás Juronics