A joint production of Szeged Contemporary Dance Company and the National Dance Theatre


Morelli tells the story of a wedding ceremony, in the course of which happiness caused by the joyful event is mixed with pain caused by loss and with discomposure at the gate of life’s new secret. This mixed emotion commences a dance, which dissipates the initial fears originating from the mysteries of sexuality and death. The characters in Morelli’s choreography slowly and gently become the participants of a kind of initiation ceremony from their own pure reality, right before our eyes. This is the initiation ceremony of all humanity, which in an extraordinary dance of joy attempts to forget the sadness of the event since the occasion was fundamentally intended for happiness. Step by step, as the choreography progresses emotion and passion intensify. The distance between the characters is gradually diminished all the way to the point where the fears and doubts slowly disappear, therefore it becomes possible to step through the continuously opening gate that leads to a new life.

Premier date:
11 November 1016

Dance performers:

Petra Bocsi, Gergely Czár, Róbert Kiss, Szandra Szigyártó, Graziano Bongiovanni, Boglárka Heim, Janka Nier, Adam Bobák, Lotár Vincze, Marie Vilette, Adrienn Nyeste, Zsófia Liszkai, Hanna Hudacsek, Fanni Mészáros

Music: I. Stravinsky
Lighting: Ferenc Stadler

Stage design: Enrico Morelli
Costume design: Bianca Imelda Jeremias

Enrico Morelli