Stabat Mater (Arvo Pärt)

A co-production of the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company and the National Dance Theatre

The piece represents the moment of the Annunciation, when the Archangel Gabriel appears to the young Mary and delivers the Word, according to which the Virgin is carrying the child of God in her womb. But then a vision appears to Mary of the painful future in which she sees her son’s suffering, humiliation and crucifixion. She can feel her maternal pain as well, as she is standing by the cross mourning the death of her son. But more strongly than anything else she feels the holy cause, the noble task, that Jesus will perform, in which she will have to play a part as his mother. Elevated by the knowledge that even in her painful fate she will serve God’s will, for the good and salvation of humanity. She consciously and willingly undertakes this blessed state and all the joy and sorrow attendant upon it.

Premier date:
22 February 2013

Performed by:

Mary: Kitti Hajszán/ Brigitta Hortobágyi
Gabriel: Gergely Czár

Vencel Csetényi, Laura Laura, Gergő Horváth M., Róbert Kiss,
Gábor Májer, Ágnes Markovics, Kitti Palman, Krisztina Szarvas, Andrea Tóth, Flóra Zsadon

Music: Arvo Pärt
Lighting by: Ferenc Stadler
Stage concept: Tamás Juronics
Costumes by: Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Choreographed by: Tamás Juronics