Baby boy

“Ourselves, our society and our world are reflected in the arts. As creative artists ourselves, we are also a part of this world. We see, we feel, we form opinions, we experience and we take in. Pain, refugees, oppression, borders, exclusion, nationalism, war and fear created the elements which our production, “Baby Boy” was built on.”

This is the seventh cooperation of the choreographer duo with composer Tom Parkinson, who followed the whole creative process, as he always does. Tom’s music embodies the basic concept of this work with its powerful melodies and powerful rhythm, giving inspiration to Ivgi and Greben.

Premier date:
27 February 2016


Petra Bocsi, Anna Bujdosó, Gergely Czár, Vencel Csetényi, Kitti Hajszán, Tamás Hegedűs,
Brigitta Hortobágyi, Gergő M. Horváth, Róbert Kiss, Kata Stáry, Szandra Szigyártó, Zsófia Takács, Lotár Vincze, Flóra Zsadon

Music: Tom Parkinson – theAngelcy
Lighting: Ferenc Stadler
Scenery costume concept: Ivgi&Greben
Scenery construction: Scabello
Costumes: Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Assistant choreographer: Gergely Czár

Choreographer: Ivgi&Greben