Co-production by the Szeged Contemporary Ballet and the National Dance Theatre

Where should we seek the reasons for our actions? In our genes, our decisions, our environment, or in others? In the state of sleeplessness, sobriety and stupor stream together as we watch ourselves from the outside and our daily lives appear before us as in a bad dream. Sleeplessness is always triggered by something or someone, setting off a chain reaction, the end point of which cannot be known. Relationships that appear rock solid fall apart like houses of cards as new secrets are revealed about partners, friends and love affairs. The sleepless one descends into a vicious circle, a spiral there is no escaping. Insomnia presents this strange state of consciousness drifting between sleep and reality through parallel family stories. At the centre of the story is a teenage girl around whom all illusions crumble, yet all she desires is love. Her insomnia places reality in a new light, revealing everything and everyone, raising her awareness of the existence of the dark side, something it is not always easy to come to terms with.

Premier date:
6 February 2015


Demons:  Kitti Hajszán, Brigitta Hortobágyi
Girl: Zsófia Takács
Father:  Vencel Csetényi, Tamás Hegedűs
Mothe: Flóra Zsadon, Kata Stáry
Mother’s lover: Gergely Czár
Mother’s suitor: Gergő M. Horváth
Street girl: Szandra Szigyártó
The girl’s boyfriend: Róbert Kiss, Gábor Majer
Father’s secretary: Anna Bujdosó

Music: Alexander Balanescu
Costume design: Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Set design: Tamás Juronics
Lighting: Ferenc Stadler
Media installation: Gábor Kopek
Consultant: Almási-Tóth András

Choreography: Tamás Juronics and the company

Director: Tamás Juronics