The Four Seasons – Feminizma

A sort of symbolic parallel can be drawn between the passing of the seasons from spring to winter and the development of human life. This is not the first time when the creators are inspired by this parallel, however; in this case it is the intense female focus that makes this journey special for which Kriszta Tereskova Nagy’s “Feminizma” serves as guidance.
The girl who is still a child approaches the opposite sex timidly: their world is a mystery to her. In fact, she is not allowed into this world, no matter whether she is related to someone. She constantly experiences that the world of men is a very difficult and closed circle from which women are excluded from the beginning. This strong-willed woman faces the situation that no matter how hard she tries to stand her ground – in a way that is “worthy of a man” – she does not deserve any attention, unless she “uses” her body and womanhood. She attempts to use this weapon to break through the “glass ceiling” which invisibly stretches out between the two sexes and blocks her way from getting ahead. When gaining power, however; despite the success and the bloody victory, she remains alone with herself and with her inner child. Finally she dances away her most beautiful dance with Death.

Premier date:
9 May 2017


Lili, the Girl: Szandra Szigyártó
Little Lili: Noémi Pataki
Death: Tamás Borovics
Boy: Róbert Kiss

Dancers: Zsófia Takács, Tamás Hegedűs, Gergely Czár, Petra Bocsi, Lotár Vincze, Janka Nier, Enikő Kovács, Zsolt Aradi, Gabriella Bacsó, Dalma Wéninger

Music: Antonio Vivaldi
Written by Nagy Kriszta Tereskova
Lighting: Stadler Ferenc
Set: Cziegler Balázs
Set constructor: Scabello Bt.
Costumes: Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Director: Pataki András

Choreographed by
Juronics Tamás