The wooden prince

A co-production of the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company and the National Dance Theatre
Bartók: The wooden prince

According to Béla Balázs’s story the two young person’s love can only fullfil at the expense of serious struggles. With the Fairy’s spell the Nature’s force hinders them so they can not be together until they defecate from those phoney externals that overlie their true values. Bartók’s music lifts this instructive tale to a philosophical level in wich we reach pure love through the painful self-observation.

Premier date:
25 March 2012

Prince: Gergely Czár
Princess: Nier Janka
Fairy: Szigyártó Szandra
Wooden pupett: Graziano Bongiovanni

Also appearing: Adam Bobák, Róbert Kiss, Lotár Vincze, Petra Bocsi, Marie Vilette, Boglárka Heim, Adrienn Nyeste, Zsófia Liszkai, Hanna Hudacsek, Fanni Mészáros

Music: Béla Bartók
Lighting: Ferenc Stadler
Video: Zengo
Set-costumes: Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Choreographed by Tamás Juronics