``Telling stories on the language of dance is possible``
Kult 50’s portrait of Tamás Juronics

Despite the fact that even these days only a narrow section is interested in contemporary dance, Tamás Juronics, who’s name is linked to more than 60 performances by now, meets significant professional and public success not only nationally but internationally too. Regarding the reason of his success he said the following to Fidelió: „From the beginning I have undertaken that it is possible to tell stories on the language of dance, it is possible to share relevant thoughts on the language of contemporary dance and it is also possible to choreograph in a modern way to a majestic, classical piece of music. My faith in it has not changed ever since no matter what anyone says that storytelling is „out of fashion”, they are wrong. I believe that theatre always has a moral message to the world and I take this responsibility extremely seriously.”