Carmina Burana at the Dubai Expo

Due to the occasion of the Hungarian Culture Day, Szeged Contemporary Dance Company was invited to the Dubai Expo as one of the most prominent performers. One of the main goals of the Hungarian Pavilion is to represent the cultural diversity and uniqueness of Hungary and so the most significant companies of hungarian dance life. Unfortunately the planned tour in January had to be postponed due to the several positive coronavirus tests within the company. The performance will be presented on the stage of the Dubai Millennium Amphitheater on the 9th of March instead, close to the upcoming national holiday ont he 15th of March. At this event the company will perform the highly prosperous dance play Carmina Burana directed by Tamás Juronics, Kossuth Prize winner choreographer.

Szeged Contemporary Dance Company has always considered international presence to be an important goal since its 34 year existence: they not only traveled around Europe, but toured in several other continents and performed 139 plays in 28 countries so far. During their tours they often represent Hungary as cultural diplomacy ambassadors at festivals or events and wherever they go success always follows them.

Photo: Zoltán Tarnavölgyi