Soul of Fire and Lear

Season 2022/23’s two ballet premieres are now public.
Soul of Fire
„Petőfi is still the most famous Hungarian poet abroad. He is the gods’ Hungarian pet who had everything to make a name for himself: talent, history, fate. Though he lived 26 years he has the heritage of the world literatures’s rate and size that meant a turn of age for the literature of his nation.”   -  Béla G. Németh

On the 1st of January, 2023, the 200th anniversary of his birthday, the Petőfi Memorial Year begins to which Szeged Contemporary Dance Company joins in a unique way. Freely chosen poems by Petőfi inspired Ádám Sándor Brandenburg, Dániel Dobri, Balázs Kecskés D., Dániel György Lázár and Viktor Molnár – young musicians with outstanding success at local and international master classes, concert halls and composition competitions collaborate with the company to create Soul of Fire dance play. The poems, the music pieces vivified by the Szeged Symphony Orchestra, the work of young choreographers and Szeged Contemporary Dance Company’s well known grandiose poetic scenery together create the synthesis that invigorates our poet’s ageless brilliance.
Directed by: Tamás Juronics
„Nobody is ever going to write a better tragedy than Lear” – Gearge Bernard Shaw who apparently is the ever second after Shakespeare on the English stages, saluted his ancestor. And it seems like „King Lear remains Shakespeare’s greatest writing as in no other tragedy he speaks in such details of the modern world’s fears and problems as in this one.”    -  R. A. Foakes
What would these be? The waver of the financial, moral and estethic ground that was considered to be stabil, comedown, emptiness, intellectual deficit, escape from the pressing common responsibility. Escape to the family. Eventhough the title says „king”, Lear can not be categorised as a classical king drama but more like a self-disposal family drama. It speaks to us, parents and children to take a look in the mirror: fathers love their children the wrong way then they get disappointed, they rage and curse while they are responsible. Instead of real love they surround them with dotage and pampering. Lear’s fatal mistake was not how he divided his kingdom in a good time or missing the moment, but that he hoped people would love him without his fortune and influence. And this recognition is even less bearable for a man in the prime of life than for one of old age.
Choreographer: Tamás Juronics
Guest performances

After the Dubai Expo 2022 the company performed Carmina burana – along with two new Stravinsky pieces – in Brussels. The play that has been running with full house for 20 years was invited back after its enormous success in Belgium 10 years ago.

„ This guest performance of the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company in Brussels has been posponed for more than 2 years due to the pandemic. After all, this forced wait did not ruin the experience neither for the audience nor for the company who performed on Cirque Royal’s stage 3 nights. On the first night The Rite of Spring and Wedding dance plays met with great success and at the end of the two other night’s Carmina buranas the once royal circus’s walls were almost shaking as every member of the the full house of 3500 people celebrated the performance choreographed by Tamás Juronics with a standing ovation.”
The Gospel of Mary
„The National Theatre of Győr’s audience witnessed a unique Hungarian theatre-, and history cultural event on Holy Saturday night. The show, premiered 30 years ago in Madách Theatre – and played eversince not only in Hungary but in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy –, is about Mary’s story, her relationship to Jesus and her passionate motherhood - now renewed by director Tamás Juronics featuring star singers and the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company. After its premiere in Győr the show was performed in May at the Csiky Gergely Theatre in Kaposvár and will be seen on the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage in June.”


As part of Bartók Spring Festival the company performed Tamás Juronics’s three-piece dance play Concerto at the National Theatre of Szeged and Győr, as well as Enrico Morelli and Walter Matteini’s Italian evening Danza at the Festival of Dance in Veszprém at the end of May.


In recognition of their outstanding-standard artistic activity, Harangozó Gyula Award winner Gergely Czár recieved the Knight’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit, while Kiss Róbert dancer was awarded with the Hungarian Silver Cross of Merit. Artistic director Tamás Juronics recieved the National Lions Award for his prominent cultural and public work.

Social responsibility, Partners

Apropos of Danza, leaders and students of the Szeged University’s Italian Studies visited the Small Theatre of Szeged to watch the performance and have a behind the scenes rendition by Enrico Morelli and Walter Matteini guest choreographers. A similar event took place in Budapest for the Dutch National Ballet’s group of upholders where artistic director Tamás Juronics was talking about the company’s activity.

Imre Zoltán Programme’s first festival organised by the National Theatre of Szeged was seen through. Director András Pataki, leader of the programme said: „The intention to show the new generation of dance art succeeded.”

This season Szeged Contemporary Dance Company joined Pick Szeged Handball Club in a strong collaboration. Their aim is to popularize sports and dance within culture. Moreover they are organising charity events together to integrate disabled and needy young adults to matches and theatre performances. 

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