In the season of 2018/2019 three new members joined our company

Claudia Elvetico has arrived to SCDC from Poland. She was born is Italy and finished her classical studies there.

„My ideal dancer is a dancer who can deal with different styles, who can express his emotions and passion. It is a dancer who is conscious of his skills, but remains humble, keeps thinking that everytime there is something new to learn and is not afraid of going out from his comfort zone. My dream role was the choosen one in “The Rite of Spring”. I had the chance to study and rehearse the ensamble part in Bejart’s “Rite of Spring” when I was in the school and from that moment I dream to dance that part. But at the moment, I want just to challenge myself with new type of movements and emotions. The last performance I saw that really involved me has been “Until the lions” by Akram Khan. The atmosphere was unique. There was no the usual distance between audience and artists, because the performance was set on a round stage and around it the audience was sitting. The connection between the audience and dancers, musicians and singers was really strong and I think the audience could feel completely involved in the ritualistic, mythological and primordial atmosphere of the performance. In general I am really fascinated by the performances I feel far from what I think I can dance. I met Juronics Tamas in Poland, during last season. He came in the Grand Theater of Lodz to teach us his Carmina Burana. I really enjoyed working on his performance and I was very plaesed when he asked me to come here in Szeged.”

Gabriella Bacsó joined us after finishing her studies at the Hungarian National Dance Academy’s contemporary-modern dance department.

„Dance is tool of self-expression to me with which – unlikely with talking – I can get on more successfully. We can not lie with our body as much as we can with our words. The most beautiful part is that dance does not affect the eyes, the brain or the ears directly but the viewer’s body so that it can create the impression of a touch. I have never searched for a hero who I can look up to, instead I was developing my inner power of resolving every day’s problems. My desire is to take part in performances where I can participate in creating and putting my role into shape. I kept a close watch on the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company during my studies, I saw many of their plays. I had the pleasure of working with Tamas Juronics during my university years wich I enjoyed a lot. This season the repertiore includes many performances and I am delighted to take part in most of them such as Carmina Burana, The Rite of Spring, Wedding, Nucracker, Orpheus + Eurydice, Four Seasons-Feminizma, Moderao Cantabile, Tabula Rasa, Stabat Mater and Rite. Apart from dancing my other addiction is driving. I love speed and being able to discover places freely.”

Zsolt Aradi after finishing his studies at Madách Musical Dance Acadamy was working as a freelancer in Budapesr while developing his contemporary dance skills at the Gangaray Artisctic Program, than he was working with Tamás Juronics in the „Dream traveller” tale-musical, who afterwards offered him a contract.

„Dancing in Tamás Juronics’s company is a great honour and a huge challange at the same time. The team is amazing with strong technical skills, outstanding talent and diligance. Eventhough my carreer only started at the age of 16 I have always felt love for dancing. I was training myself in various genres and I learnt from several masters, such as Gyula Sárközi, Gergely Csanád Kováts, Zsolt Kovács, Patrick Jurányi, József Hámor and Tímea Madai. Dance defines variegation and challange to me. So many dance genres with their different trends make this profession so exciting – being in different role’s shoes and forming them is a serious and unique task. My ideal dancer is someone who realises that dance is way more improtant than the person, an intangible, wonderful expressional tool in which one dissolves and is subordinate. We go on stage to share something using this beautiful communicational tool. For being successful in this profession you need to be tough psychically and physically too, you can only do it with passion and obsession, you have to be in love with dancing. I am.