Rite – ballet in two acts

This piece is born of a renewed troupe; it is about community, about jointly developed rituals, about thinking together and creating together. Rituals keep communities together, inducing cooperation among their members. This piece will be an opportunity to forge unity. Fear and frustration can depict the human struggle for compliance in the most barbaric forms of expression. The two acts are somewhat opposed and at the same time complementary to each other. First wildness and human brutality, later humour, ironic and self-ironic composition characterise the piece.

Premier date:
8 November 2013

Brigitta Hortobágyi, Gergely Czár, Gergő M. Horváth, Kitti Hajszán, Flóra Zsadon, Anna Bujdosó, Tamás Hegedűs, Gábor Majer, Vencel Csetényi, Róbert Kiss, Kata Stáry, Szandra Szigyártó, Zsófia Takács

Lighting: Stadler Ferenc
Concept of sets: Juronics Tamás
Costumes: Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Ballet director: Pataki András
Artistic leader: Juronics Tamás
Choreographed by Juronics Tamás