O+E autumn premiere

After the last jubilee season’s ceremony series this 31st season’s repertoire is just as various as the previous has been, which we opened with the premiere of Orpheus and Eurydice.  The literature’s most beautiful and saddest story told by our Italian choreographer, Enrico Morelli’s set of motions. This is Morelli’s third time choreographing a piece for our company. Similarly to the earlier ones – Moderato cantabile, Wedding – this new performance also met with success.

„We can undoubtedly state that with this premier contemporary dance’s genre completes it’s a mission too. Szeged Contemporary Dance Company is an outstanding representative of the genre in Hungary with its’s history of three decades and plenty of fans who have become the devotees of dance and contemporary arts. Their influence is national and they are also known internationally. The company’s point is not only mass entertainment but providing a contemporary alternative in understanding artworks.They even reach and affect areas where stone-theatres’ „traditionally entertaining” performances define theatrical art. Enrico Morelli’s new piece’s concept and level integrally matches the repertoire of performances mostly choreographed by Tamás Juronics Artistic Director. These contemporary pieces do not radically repudiate traditional ballet’s aesthetics but their popular visual and content symbolism leads the audience to the underworld’ scene once in a while – being understandable but showing the dark side of love and life, meaningful but entertaining at the same time.”

„Morelli is not willing to stupefy us by his psychoanalyst interpretation, moreover he is giving solace to the protagonist (and the viewer) at the end of this vicissitudinary self-recognition. Orpheus comes to term with the loss of Eurydice which superbly matches the original lutist’s myth’s final happy end (who meets it’s dead lover and is able to return). Also, the story’s point is not bringing Eurydice back, but this time it is the process of mourning. Is’s consequence might be replacing the drama with some kind of elegiac reminiscence but the performance beautifully by-passes it – the audience can live through the work of mourning’s inner drama.”

 „After Moderato cantabile and Wedding, italian coreographer Enrico Morelli created his third piece, Orpheus + Eurydice for the Szeged Contermporary Dance Company. Inspired by mythology, fine arts and music the performance overtops nowadays contermporary dance pieces with it’s elaborated and imaginative coreography, creative use of space and being correctly understandable but not too obvious.”